July 28, 2018

Group Events

Let Northline Navigation bring the challenge and team-building excitement of orienteering to your group. We cater to a variety of groups, from youth groups, running clubs, summer camps, scout programs, and corporate teams looking for a unique team-building exercise. We’ll deliver an amazing and memorable adventure that your group won’t stop talking about!

What is Orienteering?

1. Take this map

2. Follow these symbols

3. Find these flags

4. Fastest time wins!


In this age of GPS and turn-by-turn directions, map reading and land navigation are dying arts. On top of being REALLY FUN, knowing how to navigate "the old fashioned way" can be a life saving skill if your technology ever fails you.

A perfect group activity for...


Whether it’s just for fun or integrated with your curriculum, orienteering is great for grades 3 and up.

Youth Groups

Camps, church youth groups, scout troops, service organizations, you name it.

Running Clubs

An addictive and exciting way to compete that combines physical speed AND mental agility.

Team Building

Treat your employees to a fun and unique exercise designed to foster teamwork and camaraderie.

We'll build you a custom experience. Your place or ours?

Option 1

Make a Map of Your Place

We make a new map of your property and then hold onsite events for your guests.

  • School campuses
  • Church properties
  • Scout camps
  • Office parks

Option 2

Use an Existing Map

Select a location where we have a map already made and hold your event there. We have maps of public parks in:

  • Asheville
  • Black Mountain
  • Fletcher
  • Hendersonville

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Tell us about your group and we’ll tell you how we can make it happen!