The Ultimate Field Trip

Navigating around a city park with a map and compass teaches more life lessons than you might think.

Classroom Instruction

Learn the basics of map and compass navigation, including how to orient the map to true north, how to use a compass, and how to choose and follow a route.

Teamwork and Adventure

Participants experience the thrill of "competitive treasure hunting" while practicing the art of making good decisions, recovering from bad ones, and finishing what they started.


Results and Reflection

With instant electronic results, comparing route choices and split times with other participants is a fun (and often hilarious) recap of everyone's experience.

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"I have participated in two events, back-to-back weekends, and am excited to be brushing up on map and compass work and associated skills. Courses so far have been just the right distance and, um, if I may suggest, in this era of cell-phone and GPS turn-by-turn navigation, I think that the skill-set is being lost on the masses and this is a wonderful way to learn and gain competency. Definitely recommend and has been outstanding for families to participate in."
Yuri Eliashevsky
"We had loads of fun. My 8 year old wants to do it again asap and bring all her friends. Let us know if we can help/contribute/volunteer in any way."
Philipp Trummer

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