May 29, 2018

Mapping Services

Custom Orienteering and Navigation Mapping Services

Orienteering and Navigation Sports

Producing ISOM and non-ISOM maps of wooded and urban environments for all manner of navigation sports, Northline Navigation’s maps are 100% original vector drawings available in your choice of format from print to digital products.

  • LiDAR processing to derive contours, cliffs and vegetation density
  • Drafting in OpenOrienteering Mapper, compatible with OCAD
  • Field checking in OpenOrienteering Mapper on GPS-enabled Android tablet
  • Course design and overprinting in Purple Pen

LiDAR point cloud processing

Race Course Maps

Northline Navigation creates course and event maps to exceed the expectations of your racers. Whether it’s a 5k or a multi-day Adventure Race, the value of an excellent map will set you apart from other Race Directors.

  • Road and Trail races
  • Adventure Races

Course map for the 2018 Black Mountain Monster 6hr / 12hr / 24hr Ultramarathon

Facility and Visitor Maps

Northline Navigation can produce elegant and usable maps for any environment to assure your guests while they visit your facilities. An eye-catching and practical depiction of a location is of immeasurable value to visitors.

  • Tri-fold brochures and flyers
  • Large format kiosk and wall maps
  • Laminated and framed souvenir and gift maps

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