Anne Springs Close Greenway Earth Day Challenge


UsynligO virtual orienteering races at Anne Springs Close Greenway during the April 2021 Earth Day celebration.



Anne Springs Close Greenway Earth Day Challenge

Orienteering map license Course design (x3)

UsynligO app configuration

Duration – April 1-30, 2021

Summary: Northline Navigation will deliver to ASCG three course map PDFs and UsynligO smartphone app configuration licensed for unlimited usage during the Earth Day celebration, April 1-30, 2021. Race results will be collected at the end of the period and presented via spreadsheet and/or blog post.

Disclaimer: Northline Navigation has a close relationship with the developer of the UsynligO smartphone app but is not affiliated with them, has no direct control over the app’s backend performance, and is not liable for failures. Additionally, Northline Navigation cannot guarantee the app will function without issue on every device and does not provide customer support beyond installation and usage videos available online.

Total Payment Due $300.00


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