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Orienteering in your own neighborhood during the days of COVID-19. Purchase a map and courses that start and end close to home, using the free smartphone app UsynligO to track and score your route.

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While we practice safe social-distancing in the age of COVID-19, and with so many of our favorite public spaces inaccessible, we can quickly feel like we’ve lost the spirit of adventure, “stuck” in our immediate neighborhood on “these same old streets,” with nothing to challenge or motivate us to get outside, be active, and remain engaged.

It’s a drag, to be sure, but it can be a little bit better…

“O From Home” is an orienteering course setting service that turns your neighborhood into a navigation adventure for your whole family. Using the free UsynligO.no app on your smartphone (Android and iOS) and a self-printed map of your neighborhood, you can navigate, explore, and race again on courses that will keep you challenged, entertained, and healthy!

UsynligO neighborhood orienteering

How It Works

  • Install the free UsynligO app on your Android or iOS smartphone.
  • Place your order, then receive a form on which to submit as much detail as possible about your neighborhood, including where you can and cannot go, and what types of courses you’d like.
  • We have a quick meeting to make one-time revisions to the map before course setting and delivery.
  • DING, courses are done!
  • From within the app, you can view and share the course map PDFs to yourself via email to print yourself (paper maps can be mailed for an additional $5)
  • Enjoy the courses at your leisure. Re-run them to improve your performance.
  • Share the adventure with your family and neighbors (and compare your finishing times!)

Intended Audience

  • Walkers and hikers
  • Family groups
  • Runners
  • Cyclists
  • Dog walkers
  • Orienteers
  • Prancercisers
  • Adventure Racers
  • Scouts and JROTC

How UsynligO Works

  • To begin a course, select it from the list in the app. Courses closest to you are listed first. Walk to the course start, and go!
  • Put the phone in your pocket and navigate using the map you printed, and a compass (the app has one built-in!)
  • When you arrive at each checkpoint, the app plays this snazzy little tune, which marks your time at that checkpoint. Huzzah!
  • The app can also track your route by GPS, which is easily shared afterward as a .gpx file for uploading to Strava or whatever.
  • Results are stored and shared as desired from within the UsynligO app.
  • Each person who runs your courses have their results and split times published to the respective leaderboards – a great opportunity for family and community competition!

What You Get

  • A custom 8.5″x11″ orienteering map made from data currently available in OpenStreetMap.
    • NOTE – OpenStreetMap includes the vast majority of public roads, most major waterways, and some buildings. This is not an ISOM-compliant, competition-level, field checked orienteering map. It is a VERY BASIC street map with whatever is in OSM (with maybe a little touch-up) and rotated to magnetic north and presented in orienteering symbols. Please see examples before ordering!
  • Three orienteering courses of your desired length and complexity.
  • Once your courses are published in UsynligO, they are free and open to the public — you can share them with your neighbors and friends. All they need to do is install the app! Think of it as a donation to your community in these trying times!

What You Do Not Get

  • Smartphone, UsynligO app, or cellular service provider support – we cannot support your smartphone or UsynligO app in any way beyond pointing you towards existing online resources. The app is pretty dummy-proof, and we will be publishing a FAQ, but if you are not comfortable using a smartphone, this may not be for you.
  • Navigation instruction – while we do offer group and private land navigation and orienteering lessons, this product does not include that service.


  • New customers – $30
    • Includes an orienteering map of your neighborhood
    • Includes 3 courses
    • No printer? Maps via USPS – $5
  • Additional courses (for returning customers, coming soon) – $3 each
    • Minimum order – 3 courses
    • No printer? Maps via USPS – $5
  • Send these as GIFTS to your loved ones who have no idea how much fun they can have… right out their front door.

Example Maps and Courses

  • Shuffle
  • Asc
  • Desc


UsynligO App Screenshots

  • Shuffle
  • Asc
  • Desc


Safety First!

  • Please, everybody, follow the CDC’s guidelines and protocols for safe social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic! Stay AT LEAST 6 feet away from other people, wash your hands, and cha, cha, cha!

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