San Felasco Fiasco 2021


Map updates, course setting, Livelox live tracking



  • Re-drafting of the San Felasco base map trails per georeferenced PDF
  • Tweak unmapped trails together over FBM and phone
  • Produce the 2021 Fiasco course map PDF with purple overprint, clue descriptions, updated titles
  • Produce a new San Felasco base map PDF without purple overprint, suitable for giant blowup version
  • Produce a secondary version of the base map that retains the park map’s eccentric (and easy to read) trail color scheme (optional)
  • Replace the creature/vehicle in the swamp (Mayday! Mayday! is abundant with tragic aeronautical imagery – just let me know)
  • Produce a new Livelox event, test with smartphone clients on April 30, program server to begin listening on race morning
  • Online May 1, 5am-7am, to monitor smartphone clients hooking up to the live tracking session and provide support



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