September 25, 2018

Safety Procedures and Emergency Response Plan

To ensure the safety of our participants and staff, the following policies and procedures are in place.

Required information at registration:

  1. Full name of primary participant
  2. Cell phone number
  3. Emergency contact name (who is not participating in the event) and phone number
  4. Vehicle make, model, and license plate number (this helps us determine if you’ve left the venue or are still out on the course)
  5. If participating in a group, number in your party
  6. Liability waiver signature (online checkbox indicating that you have read and understand)
  7. Safety card signature (online checkbox indicating that you have read and understand)
    1. Notice that all costs involved with emergency search and rescue efforts, should they be required, are borne by the participant and their heirs
    2. Safety bearing and other emergency re-location instructions in case participants get lost (“temporarily misplaced”) [varies by venue]
    3. Required gear check (sufficient hydration and fuel, compass — safety whistle suggested for novices)
    4. Notice that it is REQUIRED to check in with the Meet Director before leaving, whether course was completed or not

Start Procedure

  1. Confirmation by Meet Director or Assistant MD of participant’s completed registration
  2. Recording of participant’s Key-Fob serial number (if electronic timing is being used)
  3. Reminder of the CUTOFF TIME [varies by venue] at which time participants must abandon their race and return to the Start/Finish area, placing a cell phone call (if possible) to the Meet Director’s phone number listed on the map to notify them of the drop and their current location
  4. Recording of participant’s START time

Finish Procedure

  1. Recording of participant’s FINISH time
  2. Confirmation that all members of groups have returned safely
  3. Collection, disposal of, (and reward for) trash collected by participants out on the course

Missing Participant(s) Procedure

  1. It is the responsibility of the Meet Director to determine when to initiate this procedure, and depends on who is missing, for how long, and what course they are on
  2. If participants have not returned to the Start/Finish area by the CUTOFF TIME, calls will be placed to their listed cell phone number to find out where they are
  3. If participants cannot be reached by cell phone, search parties will be dispatched to the vicinity of the participants’ course
  4. If participants cannot be located in a reasonable time frame, park officials and emergency search and rescue will be notified and a coordinated search will begin