June 16, 2020



What is Score-O?

Score-O is a navigation game where, using a paper map and smartphone scoring app, you visit as many places marked on the map as possible in the allotted time. Lowest time wins.

Score-O Map

We create the adventure

On a custom, orienteering style street map of your space, Northline Navigation creates a scavenger hunt-style race to your specs, including your "must see" landmarks.

You invite your crew

Have a bunch of crazy friends who like running around and having adventures together? Bring them.

We split the proceeds

Keep 50% of your event's ticket sales and raise funds for your organization or charity. It is the easiest, lowest-overhead race you will ever "direct."

Some of the groups we've produced races for

"Truly a great race."
Soren Brockdorf
Gainesville, FL
"Thanks again for setting up this wonderful adventure, it was so refreshing… Hoping to see more of these events in the future!"
Lara Drondoski
Alachua, FL
"Will do these again! Felt like a kid out there!"
Sam Moore
Black Mountain NC

Map, App, and Go!

Images: WOCinTechChat, Bike: 1, 2, 3