Gap to Grove The 12 Hour Valley Challenge

Gap to Grove 2021: The 4 and 12 Hour Valley Challenge

Gap to Grove 2021 is a 4 hour and a 12 hour navigation challenge in and around Black Mountain, NC. Registration will launch on Friday, June 11th at 6am and entries will be extremely limited. 30 spaces will be available in the 4 hour challenge, and only 20 for the 12 hour.

Fort Mills Adventure Runs

Mill Stone Adventure Run

Join us for the Mill Stone Adventure Run in historic Fort Mill, SC, a navigationl race aimed at NOVICE Adventure Racers and put on by Fort Mill Adventure Runs.

Gap to Grove The 12 Hour Valley Challenge

Gap to Grove: The 12 Hour Valley Challenge (BLACK MOUNTAIN, NC)

The goal is to get to every checkpoint and back to the finish as quickly as possible. The checkpoints can be visited in any order. If you make wise choices, your route could be as little as 32 miles even if you stay on trail/road the entire time. Make a bad choice? Who knows, maybe there will be an award for the biggest mistake. Mistakes happen, but signing up for G2G means you have unlimited attempts at the challenge. Your best times supersede your slower times.